1/22/20: Vancouver, Canada

Adcom Meeting, Lunch, and Dinner at the 2020 IEEE MEMS Conference

The fourth Adcom Meeting took place in Vancouver, California, immediately after the closing session of the 2020 IEEE MEMS Conference. Attendees included heavy lifters and others who learned of the meeting via word of mouth at the conference and were interested in getting more involved. This was also the first meeting that Tom Compton, from IEEE TAB, could attend. The meeting agenda included a debrief of the just finished 2020 IEEE MEMS Conference, discussion of the PowerMEMS Conference, other conferences on the horizon, publications brainstorming, video capture of presentations (including tutorials), awards brainstorming, Constitution & Bylaws touchups, and next steps towards Council transition. Noteworthy at the meeting was an announcement that the PowerMEMS Conference would like to move from a Technical Co-Sponsorship from the IEEE MEMS-TC to a full Financial Sponsorship, to start at the 2020 offering of the conference.

Meeting slides.