1/27/19: Seoul, Korea

Adcom Meeting and Lunch at the 2019 IEEE MEMS Conference

Our first Adcom Meeting occurred the Sunday before the start of the 2019 IEEE MEMS Conference. Without a list of MEMS-TC heavy lifters — since the announcement of how to join and the google form for preferences were to be announced the next day — invited attendees included the greater MEMS International Steering Committee, the Transducers International Steering Committee, and the Transducers Research Foundation, as well as other MEMS researchers and practitioners who had shown interest in participating. This meeting set the stage for the IEEE MEMS-TC, defining its purpose and what it might turn into in a few years, e.g., an IEEE council, what it can do in the meantime, and what steps are required to achieve these goals.

This early in its existence there were still some in the MEMS community who were suspicious of IEEE, but they did not express much of this at the first Adcom meeting. Their concerns, however, aired and were discussed in the MEMS ISC meeting that occurred later in the week — certainly a healthy thing. Meeting minutes were not taken for the MEMS ISC meeting, but they were taken at the Adcom Meeting.

Meeting slides.