10/10/19: Oakland, California

Adcom Meeting and Dinner at the 2020 IEEE MEMS Technical Program Committee (TPC) Meeting

The third Adcom Meeting took place in Oakland, California, alongside the TPC meeting for the 2020 IEEE MEMS Conference. Attendees included members of the MEMS TPC and ISC, as well as heavy lifters calling in via conference phone. By this time, there were many things to discuss: finances, conference sponsorship, website development, plans for chapters, plans for publications (or not), constitution and bylaws, and the process for transitioning to a council. Good progress had been made in supporting more conferences than just our flagship IEEE MEMS Conference. Specifically, the IEEE MEMS-TC was now Technical Co-Sponsoring the 2019 PowerMEMS Conference and discussions were in progress to perhaps also Technical Co-Sponsor the Transducers 2021 Conference.

Meeting slides.

MEMS-TC Meeting in Oakland, California coincident with the TPC Meeting for IEEE MEMS 2020.