Administrative Committee

Since its start, the IEEE MEMS Technical Community has had several major Administrative Committee (Adcom) meetings.

Who Can Attend Adcom Meetings?

Anyone can attend IEEE MEMS-TC Adcom meetings. To receive invitations to the Adcom meetings, one need only specify on their online preferences form a desire to be a “heavy lifter”, which indicates a willingness to devote significant time and effort towards volunteer activities. This is a volunteer organization, so every “heavy lifter” is doing so for free. (Of course, since it is well-known that volunteers live longer, maybe “heavy lifters” get something after all.)

Adcom Meeting History

The following lists the Adcom meetings that have occurred so far since inception of the IEEE MEMS Technical Community. (Click on these for more information.)

10/22/18: Kobe, Japan
Impromptu Lunch Meeting at the 2018 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium

1/27/19: Seoul, Korea
Adcom Meeting and Lunch at the 2019 IEEE MEMS Conference

6/18/19: Berlin, Germany
Adcom Meeting and Lunch at Transducers 2019

10/10/19: Oakland, California
Adcom Meeting and Dinner at the 2020 IEEE MEMS Technical Program Committee (TPC) Meeting

1/22/20: Vancouver, Canada
Adcom Meeting, Lunch, and Dinner at the 2020 IEEE MEMS Conference

May-June of 2020: Virtual
Series of Virtual MEMS-TC/MEMS ISC Meetings