Welcome to the IEEE MEMS Technical Community

Join us to advance Micro Electro Mechanical Systems technology across the IEEE and beyond for the betterment of society.


Learn how you can contribute to the organization and execution of our flagship conference: the IEEE MEMS Conference. Alternatively, get involved with new conferences we are beginning to sponsor or propose your own workshops.
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Presently, the Proceedings of the IEEE MEMS Conference is our sole publication. Some feel we should have more. If you agree with this, join to explore the possibilities.
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Would you like to participate on an Administrative Committee (Adcom) to identify, support, and/or implement activities to promote and nurture MEMS technology, e.g., conferences, publications, awards, chapters, standards, and much more?
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Propose an Activity

This is a volunteer organization open to all ideas that promote MEMS. Propose your own activity and network with MEMS-TC members to find others who would join your endeavor.
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