The governing structure for the IEEE MEMS Technical Community (MEMS-TC) will be a subset of the expected governing structure for the eventual council into which it will transition. Figure 1 summarizes this structure.

Figure 1: Proposed IEEE MEMS Council governing structure.

To date, the MEMS-TC has operated in a completely democratic fashion. Any member of the MEMS-TC is free to attend any of its meetings and contribute to decisions. Meetings so far have been moderated by Prof. Clark Nguyen, one of the Founders of the MEMS-TC, and meeting participants have been composed of those who indicated they could be “heavy lifters” when signing up to become members as well as people who participated in the venue associated with the meeting, e.g., TPC members, MEMS ISC members, Transducers ISC members, etc. This has worked well so far, as all decisions have been unanimous.

(Note that heavy lifters get invites to MEMS-TC meetings. So if you would like an invite to MEMS-TC meetings, whether or not you intend to do “heavy lifting”, just sign up to be a heavy lifter.)

To date, Clark Nguyen has served as the President of the MEMS-TC, which is necessary to sign off on expenditures and submit budgets. Soon, more positions in the above governing structures will be filled by volunteers who have been more deeply involved in ensuring publication of proceedings papers in Xplore, running chapters, etc. Again, only a subset of the above positions will fill for the MEMS-TC. More positions will fill as the MEMS-TC transitions to a Council, at which point the Officer rotation described in the Constitution and Bylaws will begin.


A draft version of the MEMS-TC constitution is here.


A draft version of the IEEE MEMS-TC bylaws is here.