The MEMS Technical Community currently partakes in the following activities:

  • Conference Sponsorships
  • Publications (so far just conference proceedings to IEEE Xplore)
  • Conference Events (e.g., WIE events, student mixers, recognition dinners)
  • Exhibits

Eventually, over time, the MEMS-TC and subsequent entities (council or society) expects to

  • Sponsor IEEE awards, including distinguished lecturers
  • Sponsor IEEE Fellow applications
  • Support a variety of growth activities, from educational, to networking, to WIE, to student travel support and special competitions
  • Sponsor fellowships
  • Form and sponsor chapters
  • Generate standards

Please, let us know if you would like to get involved and contribute by becoming a MEMS TC member. You can also leave a comment below on what activities we should focus more or provide new suggestions

4 thoughts on “Activities

  1. Unfortunately I can’t attend the Jan 29 meeting. But I’d like to be a heavy lifter moving forward.

    One area I would love to see us dig into is in communications/marketing/social media to amplify our work out to the community and to the rest of the world. This plays a critical role in recruitment and engagement of the next generation of MEMS researchers/engineers. We should also pay special focus on opportunities/parternships with HBCUs/MSIs.

    To start, can MEMS TC set up a linked in page for itself and for upcoming symposia? I’d already like to have something in place for MEMS’24 as we work to get exhibitors/sponsors, plenaries, etc.

    Another important activity is Ph.D. student fellowships, and an industrial partners pool for students to look for internship/job opportunities. This may require a young professionals group to lead, like what we have in UFFC.

    • Thank you Dana for your suggestions. We are considering our presence in other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn or Twitter, to promote our sponsored Conferences and activities. Currently, all the organized events are posted on this website (see News tab), but we definitely need to do a better job in announcing the events before they occur and attracting more participants. Regarding the engagement of next generation of MEMS researchers/engineers, we plan to collaborate with Universities and Companies to organize a MEMS Design Contest and launch our own Student Leadership Council (SLC). To organize these activities, we are looking for additional support, so please let us know if we can count with you or your University. Another good suggestion is the formation of a Young Professionals group, similar to the one in UFFC, to lead Industry activities involving the recruitment and nurturing of Ph.D. students. We will discuss this topic in our next super heavy lifters meeting.

      One more topic that I am missing to reply is the MEMS-TC link setup on the MEMS’24 website. Normally, Sara Stearns takes care of that and previous sponsored or co-sponsored Conferences have always shown our website on the sponsors and exhibitors webpage, either embedded or under the MEMS-TC logo. To promote MEMS’24, I have just updated the URL link on our Conference webpage. Please, see here

      We are glad to count with you as a heavy lifter moving forward. We will let you know when the next heavy lifters meeting is scheduled.

      Jeronimo Segovia-Fernandez, Ph.D.
      IEEE MEMS-TC, Publicity VP

  2. Organise regular industry/academia workshops.

    There are more and more Industry leading workshops (e.g. Micro-tech Ventures, MEMS world summit, etc.) which attract a growing number of participants, leading industry representatives, becoming a reference for the dissemination of state-of the art results, cooperation opportunities , VC funding, start-up accelerator programs, etc.

    We should work on such events to attract these attendees and become ourselves the reference for MEMS etc.

    • Thank you Andreja for the suggestion. Last year we focused our presence on Conferences and Events that were sponsored by other Councils (e.g., IEEE Sensors) or Societies (e.g., IEDM). The objective was to gain support for our plan to transition into a Council or a Society within IEEE, which we hope to complete within this year. However, we agree with you that we need to reach out to more Industry professionals and engineers that do not necessarily attend the International Conferences. Indeed, these activities can help our organization to grow in the number of members, which is a very important indicator for IEEE.

      On the other hand, we are limited in the number of collaborators that can attend the Industry workshops that you mention. Do you think you could personally or know someone that can attend these events in representation of MEMS-TC? If yes, please, send us information about the specific event (or events) that you have in mind, the form of our presence (e.g., a booth, a sponsored activity, a promotional video, etc.), and the estimated cost for evaluation. You can send a draft of this proposal to my e-mail below.

      Jeronimo Segovia-Fernandez, Ph.D.
      IEEE MEMS-TC, Publicity VP

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