IEEE MEMS 24 Conference Presence

January 22, 2024 Heavy Lifters Meeting

We welcomed our heavy lifters in person and virtually at our annual meeting at the IEEE MEMS Conference.  The purpose of these meetings is to share the past and planned activities of our Technical Community with the broader community.  This year, we spent more time discussing the draft Council application and a request for feedback and contributions to the document.  We discussed partnerships with other IEEE units such as Sensors Council and the Electron Devices Society.  The leadership team encouraged members to actively engage with other units in which they have membership in and engage the IEEE members interested in MEMS-focused activities.  Such outreach will increase visibility and opportunities for partnership.

Other Events/Activities Supported by MEMS-TC

As with past conferences, we also had a booth and several promotional items that were popular among student, industry, and academic attendees.  We continued to recruit a healthy number of new members who signed up during the meeting. In addition, we financially sponsored the Women in Engineering (WiE)-MEMS group networking event organized by the conference.

Our booth at MEMS’24
Trinkets offered to booth visitors
Women in Engineering-MEMS Group Networking Event Panelists
Women in Engineering-MEMS Group Networking Event Attendees