MSIG Executive Congress 2023

The MEMS and Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) held their annual Executive Congress in Phoenix, AZ this year with a number of great talks and industry events as usual.  The IEEE MEMS Technical Community was there with a number of members attending.  The community was an event sponsor and had a booth to further promote awareness of the IEEE MEMS TC.  Keynote talks from Ray Polniak of Kennedy Space Center, Qualcomm, Emerge, and NXP anchored the congress discussing MEMS and sensors in applications from biology to space and everything in between.  Great marketing insights from Yole as well as many talks from large MEMS players and startups alike showcased the excitement in the MEMS industry for what is to come. 

While the MEMS TC has had a strong presence at academic conferences, this was an attempt to reach some of the many industry members of our community and start communicating what the MEMS TC is doing and how we are helping the MEMS community.  Many people stopped by the booth and hopefully many will increase their involvement with the MEMS TC.